California’s death penalty on hold

The Governor of California has officially ordered a moratorium (hold) on all executions in the state.

Gov. Gavin Newsom held a conference where he addressed an executive order to stop future execution dates from being set during his time as Governor.

California will now be part of four states- Oregon, Colorado and Pennsylvania- who have moratoriums in place.

Gov. Newsom had also placed an executive order to end the lethal injection protocol and to close the death chamber in San Quentin.

There are currently 737 inmates on death row in California, the most in the entire U.S.

Pennsylvania has the second biggest death row, followed by Florida and then Texas, which has the most active death chamber.

If the Governor would have not filed the executive order, he could have given 25 death row inmates, who exhausted all appeals, their execution dates.

However, the Governor does not believe in the death penalty and has said that he will not allow anyone to be killed while he is in office.

Death row inmates have not had their sentences reduced as of yet.

Male death row inmates are held at the San Quentin prison, whereas female death row inmates are held at the Chowchilla Prison.

Nobody has been executed by the state of California since 2006.

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