Preston Barista discusses his venture into musical performance

A co-owner of a small independent coffee shop in the heart of Preston city centre about his musical interests.

Luke James Gardener, 26, from Preston, works at Jonah’s, a small independent coffee shop which he co-owns with his brother, who named the shop after himself.

When asked about the most interesting moment in his life, he discussed how he once performed in front of a large crowd.

He said: “I did actually play guitar at the Guildhall (in Preston), in front of a few thousand people.”

He was very proud of having the opportunity to play to so many people.

He said: “It was a pretty poignant moment in my life.”

He took this performance as an opportunity to realise what he wanted to do with his life and be able to plan around it.

He said: “It was one of the the things that birthed and I knew what I wanted to do with my life with music.”

Everyone has their ups and downs but Luke said that even everyday obstacles can be beaten if you try and keep on going.

He said: “Everyday there are obstacles, everyday,

“I get to the shop and it’s an obstacle.

He added:“I want to put my energy into something that grows, but there are obstacles that come with that everyday.”

As he works for a small family business, he spoke about the ability to work with family and overcoming struggles that may occur.

He sees every moment as a way in which he can learn to grow and be a better human being.

He said:“I guess, just being brothers, there can always be tensions but obviously, you learn lessons that are valuable to you that you can implement.”

He closed by saying: “You can help envision what you want to manifest and realise that what you need is energy and focus and direction to help make it manifest.”


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