Opinion: Bashing on creativity makes the world bland

Tattoos, drawings, painting, hair colours, piercings and everything else individual or creative seems to bring out the worst from the most bland people.

An expression of oneself should be celebrated but so many people hide behind the curtains of shame because they don’t know how to show who they truely are, as they fear public opinion.

Living in a black and white world, where everything ‘out of the ordinary’ is frowned upon, limits the individual of expression.

This judgemental society needs to pick itself up and realise that no one person is the same.

We all different interests, we all have different hobbies, we all look different, even those who were born ‘identical’.

I choose to present myself with tattoos on my legs, piercings and ever changing hair colours.

I don’t think that I deserve to be demonised for being me or have my opportunities limited because I don’t look or feel ‘ideal’ to somebody’s standard.

Nobody should fear to show who they are because they might face backlash.

We need to encourage, not discourage.

More images on @san_mar_row on Instagram

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