Wax Figures of the Royal couple

Do we only care about real matters if they may be on a show later?

Recent developments within the Royal Family of the United Kingdom have shone a light on how much people really care about them.

While the Royal Family debated over the future of the monarchy in the country, wondering how will the public perceive them now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to be independent, the British public seemed to only care about one thing.

The public seemed to only care if these recent events might later be shown on the hit Netflix show The Crown, currently featuring Olivia Coleman playing Queen Elizabeth II.

While the public focuses on this, there seem to be a group of media outlets who are busy, and have been since Meghan first started dating Harry, on how the media can destroy her.

The media seem to portray the Duchess of Sussex as someone that shouldn’t be representing the United Kingdom and its Royal Family, due to the fact that she’s American.

But the same anger and mean spirit is used positively, on the other hand, about Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Where does the British public draw a line where the same words used to insult one person compliment another?

Why can’t we just see them as equals?

Perhaps this is just my not-so-British, European brain speaking but if we want to live in a peaceful and respectful society, we should start looking at our own words and our actions, before we are quick to point the finger at someone else over nothing.

Just a thought for you.

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