“I’m going to own it and roll with it” That Vegan Couple’s Natasha reveals hair thinning struggle

That Vegan Couple’s Natasha started by getting her hair ready, putting on a micro hair topper and filling in her scalp space, she also showed non-vegans doing the exact same thing.

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” she said explaining her pride in owning her hair thinning issue.

She wants people to know that regardless of your diet, hair loss, alopecia or hair thinning can be an issue for anyone, and it doesn’t discriminate.

The video has been made to “empower and face your fears” for those struggling with hair loss.

Natasha speaks out about hair issue to empower others.

She pointed out that those who wear wigs, extension and weaves, people see that as a fashion statement, but when it’s to do with hair loss issue, they are criticised.

She also pointed out how the criticism where if a non-vegan reveals hair loss, they are seen as “brave for sharing their journey” but if a vegan does the same, they are “suddenly deficient and at death’s door.”

She explained that the video was made to prevent any rumours or theories surrounding her appearance, and to share her story.

“I could make our lives so easy by leaving but I’m not doing that.” Natasha said, as she points out that the channel is to solely save animals and promote veganism and just keep going to educate people.

She points out in the end that there are more important issues to discuss than hair problems, such as climate change.

“I’m just closing that chapter (about hair issues).” She concludes.

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